Millionaire Chess Makes the Yahoo Finance Page

December 19, 2013

Millionaire Chess Open Sets History’s Highest Stakes “In 1972, Bobby Fischer defeated Boris Spassky in ‘The Match of the Century,’…

International Chess Champ Coming to Cleveland

September 29, 2013

Maurice Ashley doesn’t a meet a chessboard he does not love. On Saturday, October 26 at Cleveland State University, Ashley will be…

Slaying King George at The Moth

July 9, 2013

Last year, Maurice Ashley participated in The Moth, sharing the story of a defining private chess match. Listen to Slaying…

The State of Chess in America

June 27, 2013

Maurice Ashley talks with U.S. Chess Federation about Vegas, the National Open, and the state of chess in America.

The World Is a Chessboard

May 16, 2013

Maurice Ashley sees the world as a chessboard and sees strong parallels between chess strategy and life skills. Take a…

Maurice Ashley Featured in the Daily News' "Great People"

April 18, 2013

Maurice Ashley’s work at Automotive High School in Brooklyn caught the eye of the Daily News. “There is a new…

The Benefits of Chess

August 15, 2009

CBS 6 News program Virginia This Morning interviewed Maurice Ashley on the benefits of chess, and he also spoke about…

Maurice Ashley on

July 15, 2008

Watch Maurice on in a segment produced to compliment the on-air CNN special report Black in America.

Maurice Ashley for Americans in Focus

February 27, 2008

Maurice talks about becoming the first African American International Grandmaster for Americans in Focus.